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Rewards and Referrals FAQ

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The dawn of an era

our debut

On July 10th, 2010 Highly Educated debuted as one of the first titanium brands and manufacturers of titanium concentrate accessories. Made in the USA, our products are made widely available for wholesale and retail purchase. Pictured here was our first nail offering. The Version One Castle Top nail. We soon followed with the first titanium dabbers and other titanium accessories the market hadn't yet seen before.

on The Path of innovation

full adjustability

In 2011, inconsistent dome heights was a problem. Some nails would stick out of the dome, some would be buried so deep in the dome you could not see the nail. The solution was a simple one and we were lucky to introduce the world to the concept of fully adjustable nails. 

Won Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2011

Removal of the torch

Introduction of the E-nail

In February of 2012, we unveiled to the world to the concept of the electronic nail, or E-nail for short. The concept of heating a domeless nail through the use of a hot runner coil and PID controller is a concept that many companies adapted and still use today. We also released the first fully adjustable and convertible domeless nail, the InfiniTi nail which was the first nail to introduce the concept of multiple joint compatibility and worked on all 14mm and 18mm male and female joints. 

Won Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2012

evolution of low temp

the carb cap

Remember carbing domes with your fingers? Highly Educated remembers. After discovering the quality of vapor that a low temp finger carb provided, we had to replicate the effect on a domeless nail. On July 22nd 2013, the first carb caps for domeless nails were produced. While this shape, design, and function was later adapted by many, it was originally designed and produced by Highly Educated. 

Won Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2013

just add color

Custom TItanium art

In 2014 we introduced the concept of custom anodization of titanium concentrate tools. Other notable 2014 contributions were the TriniTi domeless nail, The UniTi universal Carp Cap, and the M-Class Flux series. 

Won Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2014

Marriage of Material

Quartz titanium hybrids

With the rise of quartz popularity in 2015 we released our first proof of concept of hybrid nails with our V1 quartz dish. The machined V1 quartz dish was made to fit our titanium bodies and quickly evolved into our line of QX2 accessories.

Nominated Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2015

Made the switch

Full quartz nails

In 2016 we produced our first all quartz concentrate nails. These nails were compatible with our titanium carb caps and, after our V1 hybrid nails, were one of the first places where we introduced opaque quartz as a new vaporization material.

quartz in session

Gavel debut

On July 10th 2017 we introduced our first quartz banger style nail, the Gavel. The success of the Gavel subsequently gave the opaque material a new found popularity in the market. 

Rated #1 Banger of 2017 by High Times - Nominated for Best Other than Glass Product of the Year - American Glass Expo 2017

collaborative effort


In 2018 we paired up with the folks at Gordo Scientific to release our adaptation of their popular Rip Tide bubble cap. Dubbed the "GTR Cap", the carb cap was the first to introduce the concept of dual air stream channels which can be controlled by the user. It combined a traditional bubble cap with the Rip Tide cap and allowed the user to switch between the two or use both at the same time.